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There are two categories of artwork you can commission:-


Specialised Commissions.

Commissioning a piece of work couldn't be easier, and the length of time to complete and cost depends on complexity, personal requirements, size and medium used.  We would start with an initial consultation and go from there, to discuss this further or to book an appointment please contact me.

Pet and Equine Portrait Commissions.

My pet portraits are incredibly popular and offer you an opportunity to capture your favourite photo memories of your beloved family pet in personalised art form. I work directly from photos and you can choose the medium used and portrait size according to your requirements and budget, I offer several sizes to fit standard frames. Pricing is available in the prices heading in the menu above. The steps for commisioning a pet and equine portrait are set out below.

Step 1.

Choose the size of portrait you would like to commission and the medium you would like used, either pastel paining on placemat or oil painting on canvas.

Step 2.

Take a photo of the pet(s) or horse you would like your portrait of, or use an existing photo. Making sure the photograph is:-


  1. Clear. 

  2. Close up. 

Step 3.

Send an email or complete the online form, including:

  • Your full name.

  • Name and breed of your pet(s) or horse.

  • Your address and delivery address (if they differ), email and telephone number.

  • Choice of portrait size and medium.

  • Any special delivery requests for special events or alternative methods other than by Royal Mail. 

  • Picture of your your pet(s) or horse.

  • Confirm if you would like art work development photos sent during the creation process.

Step 4.    Confirmation

You will receive a email response confirming all of your requirements with  approximate delivery  dates and the total pricing. Once you have replied to this email and a 50 % deposit has been paid, work will begin on your personal piece of art work.

Step 5.    Progress and Final Photographs

When work begins you will receive two progress photographs of your portrait, on completion and before delivery you will receive a final photograph of your portrait for review.

Step 6.    Delivery

Once any outstanding payments have been made Helen Your Art will arrange for your portrait to be delivered by Royal Mail or any other previously agreed delivery method. 

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