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My name is Helen York here is some information about my journey as an artist.

My passion for nature

I am a fine Art Artist and Illustrator and following my Art studies at Northampton University I found my true passion was with the environment. Specifically animals, wildlife and landscapes.


I have come from a farming background and find nothing more interesting than pets, domestic animals and being within the countryside.

Pet portraits

I love to bring joy to pet owners by capturing their beloved animals in art form

I have recently finished my 150th pet portrait commission and am just starting to set up my business online.

Oil and pastels

My favourite mediums to use are Oil paints for crispness of colour and Pastels for the softness and textured finishes.

My favourite artist

There have been many artist that have inspired me, specifically during my degree I enjoyed artists such as JMW Turner, Gerard Richter, Mark Bradford,  Terri Setch and Juliette Losq.

Sharing my artwork

Over the last few years I have had the joy of having my art displayed in many places such as 

Northampton Museum
Northampton Art Gallery
Thrapston Art Gallery

as well as other exhibitions in the surrounding villages.

I have also taken part in collaborative art exhibitions
with fellow artists Yardley Hastings and Karmana pop up exhibitions.

I also got to take part in some Charity work with The MS society in Bedford, Local and Dog trusts and village churches.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my journey so far.



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