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Hector 30 x 40 cm Oil on Canvas

My name is Helen York and welcome to a showcase of my art, I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. I am constantly striving to challenge perception with my art so keep a lookout for new projects. Below is my story and how it all began.

My Story

When did it start?

At a very young age my mother noticed I had a keen interest in art, and although I explored this at every opportunity I was not really encouraged to take it further. That was that! and I chose an alternative path by achieving my qualifications in Podiatry, even though I have been very successful in this profession there was always that unfulfilled desire to follow a more creative journey.


How did it all change?

It started when I enrolled on a watercolour art course at a local college and was approached by the lecturer to apply to a University of Fine Arts, my work was submitted and the assessment panel reviews were very favourable. I was accepted and that took me unexpectedly in a different direction, which has simply changed my life creatively, it has enabled me to build confidence and display my portfolio of work at fayres, galleries and on my website.

What have I loved?

Everything, I have tried to consume myself with all mediums of art, researching other artists from different eras and experimenting wherever I can. If pushed I would say I have been drawn to Abstraction Expressionism, specifically the works of Gerhard Richter and the Romanticism of William Turner. 

What is the focus of my work now?

In recent years my focus has evolved into animal portraitures, being commissioned to capture the personality of someone’s pet has been rewarding when I receive their positive comments on the end result.

On a personal level I do like to challenge myself with wildlife and nature and would say I primarily work in earthy tones and colour, much of my art is created with oil paints on canvas and pastels on paper. Having had a farming background, you will notice my creative interest in equine artwork, regularly visiting stables in the Northamptonshire area to study their form and really capture their beauty.

A new concept has been to explore painted surfaces and spend time studying the distortion of metals and their transformation into rust and decay, experimenting using texture and colour to incorporate these observations into my newest pieces has been very exciting.


I would love for you to view my work in the gallery, and hope you find it interesting and thought-provoking.



Get in touch!

I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Please contact me with any questions.

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